Congratulations to Tesky Technology Limited for passing the SGS factory field certification

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        As a Gold Plus Supplier of Alibaba Export, Shenzhen Tianhuifeng Technology Co., Ltd. recently accepted the on-site factory video shooting of a third-party service company commissioned by Alibaba Group and the enterprise production capacity certification and enterprise conducted by SGS Group. Trade ability certification.

       The SGS audit began officially at 9:30 am. The auditors conducted a 90-minute review of the company's finance department, personnel department, quality         department, business department, R&D department, purchasing department, and production department. After the review of the document data, the production   workshop was audited for 220 minutes according to the production process of the product. The audit focused on the product quality control process, equipment and   equipment verification, and production capacity evaluation.

        After the review and on-site audit, the SGS auditor began to verify the conformity of the factory live video content taken by the third party with the actual situation of the factory and the authenticity of the video copy. Finally, the SGS auditor summarized the certification review and prepared the final audit report.




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