Samsung posts short teaser video for the Galaxy Note10

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Samsung posts short teaser video for the Galaxy Note10

Samsung Indonesia just tweeted a short video clip about the Galaxy Note10 Unpacked event on August 7. The date has been known officially for a while, but the video hints at how Samsung will market its new flagship.

In short, the theme of the video is that instead of using multiple devices, you can use just one – the Note10. It can be a desktop (with DeX) and it can replace a laptop outside the office. Short as it is, the video still finds enough time to take a jab at the iPhone.

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That’s a surprisingly business-oriented view of the Samsung Galaxy Note10. The first Note9 promo videos did show it in an office environment, but also touted the quality of its camera, gaming performance, water resistance and so on – it painted it as a power user device, not just a business handset.

Still, this is just the first video of many to come. We already know that the Note10 camera will be based on the Galaxy S10 5G setup (triple camera + 3D ToF sensor) and that it will feature an upgraded chipset. Those will likely be present in upcoming teasers.

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